During the Sydney 2000 Games, Rev Graham Nathan Guy
  a local Pastor at Homebush Bay since 1993
prayed in a quite place beneith the main stadium
asking God to release steps of recovery for adult males of Child sexual Abuse
and a fulfillment of
Isaiah 61
that the Spirit of the Lord would be upon one of His servants

To heal the broken hearted
to set the captives free

I propose that on the first Sunday in October Churches pray for God to restore the lives of the survivors of sexual violation and that messages of healing and recovery
with readings of hope be preached.
The message of HOPE in God that sustains me as a survivor in recovery.
Reading: Psalm 46

Another message: the LOVE of God is more powerful than the fear and trauma of sexualabuse ( my testomony)
Reading: 1 John 4 verse 18
Chorus - "The Power of Your love" - Hillsong Music

Hymn - "Be thou my vision"

briefings and testomony available on request subject to scruitany

On that Sunday in 1952 God stired my heart in a way I do not recall
but he gave me strength on the Monday morning to plead not to be taken to the perpetrators house and to resist the rapist
I was violated but not defeated
for God gave me an inner strength beyond my two years

On that Sunday in 2000 I was praying in Sydney Olympic park for the release of recovery programmes for male survivors of child sexual abuse and had several steps recorded on a ministryline now in text form on my web page